The Art of Movement with Soto

May 12 Santa Fe
Dance Space Santa Fe
3208 Richards Ln, Suite A

May 13 Taos

#2 Upper Colonias Road, El Prado
11 AM- 5PM both days
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Soto Workshop

Calling all dancers, actors, circus artists, Nia enthusiasts, trainers in the somatic arts, body therapists, mindfulness trainers, all kinesthetically inclined persons!

Single workshop $100
Both workshops $175

After April 20:
Single workshop $125
Both workshops $200

Register early! Space limited. No experience necessary.

For registration information:
or call 505-920-6235

In this workshop, participants experience creating their own kinesthetic vocabulary through the lens of the Art of Movement. By exploring our personal Somatic presence and how it informs our movement, we inspire and support creative thought. Tapping into soul and intuition as guides, we experience creativity at once as both a personal and universal human act of empowerment and unlimited possibility.

Soto has spent his adult life in the study, practice, performance and teaching of the Movement Arts. Unfolding through dance, martial arts, Somatic movement, and hands on work, Soto’s 50 years of experience has led him to see movement as a vehicle to unlock the possibilities to creativity, awareness, presence, happiness, health and healing.

Soto’s biggest influence in his work has been his 45 years of collaboration with Anna Halprin. For the past 38 years Soto has been blessed to share his perspective in 20 countries.

“Somatic studies the BodyMindSpirit in the present moment. It is a direct first hand experience. It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.
The Creative Process is then how we integrate and create with this information, and inspire and enlighten ourselves and others!

This is embodiment of our human nature.”  – Soto