Lumos Center

Lumos Center Offerings with Cathy Black, M.A.

Lumos Center offers ways for you to experience your inner spiritual connection, and to explore ways of realizing your potential, both individually and in groups.

Gatherings: An Introduction – A sampler of Lumos Center offerings.  From 10am-4pm on a Saturday or Sunday $50
Contact Cathy Black for current schedule: 575-770-0472

Time to refresh and rejuvenate together. Each Gathering will have a theme, such as Transformation, or Joy, or Live Your Light, or…  to discover even more of our core inner nature and authentic human expression. We explore through any number of mediums, including meditation, improv dance, sharing, writing, drawing, healing modalities and touch, and simply following our rhythms.  Cathy will be working with the group and individuals with an intuitive approach. This is a good pre-requisite if you are interested in the Lumos Journey programs.

The Lumos Journey Monthly Retreat– Six-month commitment, one evening and one full day a month.  Includes one Intuitive Healing session with Cathy.
10am-5pm. $450 – Payment plans available

A journey of Self-discovery and awakening. This format provides individual attention and supportive, small group connection over a period of time. We focus on deepening one’s spiritual awareness, navigating the personal transformational processes we are in, and encouraging the expression and service that naturally unfold. We follow themes of the seasons, of awareness and growth, and those that naturally emerge from the group itself.  We use any number of modalities to support these processes as facilitated intuitively with Cathy, including Intuitive Presence energy work, meditation, and movement.

The Lumos Journey Intensive Retreat– Quarterly retreat from a Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Times will be arranged with each group. $250/quarter
Pre-requisite: Participants need to have taken at least one Introductory Gathering or Lumos Monthly Journey

Intensives are similar in content to the monthly retreats, though without the same group commitment.  They include time for more shared meals and experience of the unique Taos environment. Lodging is separate, and we have some special low cost opportunities for accommodations for each event.

Individual Intuitive Presence Sessions in person or via phone/internet – $75/hr
Call Cathy to schedule: 575-770-0472

Check schedule for current offerings

Livestream Meditations With Cathy Black
Monday nights 6:30pm MST
No charge.
Sit in the comfort of your own home and join with people all over the country for a guided healing light meditation.
Call Cathy for more information. 575-770-0472

Healing Meditations – group meditations: sometimes guided, sometimes in silence – no charge
By coming together, we enliven and energize the light of who we are, and our own process is supported by the crucible of the group energy.

“It’s different than when I sit in meditation alone, because I know we’re going to be sitting in a group and cultivating this space with the intention to sit in stillness, in silence, but it is also a personal processing that is held within the intention and support of the group.  When I know other people are going to be doing the same thing, it broadens the energy, it holds a space for me.  It’s like in Avatar, where they all plug into a web of consciousness, the source of their lives together.” – MG, 2018

Labyrinth Walks
Improv Dance with Cathy Black
Intuitive Presence Energy Clinics


Lumos Center is a project of the Santa Fe School of Massage, LLC