Visudha de los Santos

Visudha de los Santos is your spiritual midwife on this incredible exploration.  Artist, musician, healer and ritualist, she weaves a magical  transformative journey with grace, presence and love.I’m called to this body of work because I want all to know the experience of being, outrageously, and vibrantly alive.  My path, the dancing path, brings one face-to-face and heart-to-heart with the profound power of the primal, unrestrained self. If you want to know more about me and my journey, visit

Access your own bodily wisdom move your body fully feel your heart expand surrender your mind to embody your soul and reveal your one true and free spirit

Starting Mondays, October 21st.
6:30pm – 8:00pm

This ongoing class invites the practices of deep listening, moving to the inner impulses, and staying connected to body and breath. It is expressive and creative movement held with a strong container. It is for anyone who wishes deeper presence in their lives, for anyone who struggles to make sense of their worlds with language and thought, and who wishes to create with their bodies.

    • There are a few things you can do to support your experience and your personal growth:
    • Turn off, put away your phones!
    • Acknowledge that you are entering a sacred space, a space for your own healing and connection with spirit.
    • When you enter the room, stay in silence – say all that needs to be said with your body!
    • Move barefooted, though of course, dance & orthopedic shoes are fine!
    • When you enter, start (and stay) moving any way that feels good. You are welcome to copy others if you feel stuck or uncertain.
    • When the facilitator gives guidance, try them on!
    • Keep your eyes open, and downcast if you can.
      Stay connected to your body and breath – don’t allow distractions (people, hunger, things happening, etc) outside of you steal you away!
    • Stay in motion and be with whatever shows up for you.
    • Leave other practices at the door.
$15 drop in, or $60 for 5 week commitment
*please do share with anyone you feel might be interested

#2 Upper Colonias Road
El Prado, NM

📞 (575) 770-0472

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