Soma Ballet for Adults

With Molly Rose
$15-25 sliding scale

Ballet is not just a “workout”,  it’s an art form!
Open to all who have curiosity, intent, and a desire to
Move and be Moved!!!
Practice joy and structural support
Find inner strength through
rhythmic combinations,
Play with balance,
mental agility,
Musical influences
Lengthen muscle
Increase flexibility
Enjoy camaraderie
In beautiful space each week

No intimidation!
No expectation!
No performance orientation!
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Instructor: Molly Rose

Molly Rose is a native New Mexican who’s professional dance career took her throughout the world.
Her students have been moved by her ability to translate the finesse of the art and lineage through both non traditional and approachable means-
Her depth, awareness and personal passion for and understanding of the body in motion bring a vitality and shared intelligence supportive of the moment and your physicality, as well as spiritually sound practice.