Nadine Lollino

Nadine began studying yoga in 1996 as part of a dance therapy program in college.  Her formal yoga practice began in 2000 with Miguel Latronica in Chicago studying Astanga Yoga. After a year of practicing with Miguel, she began teaching for him and assisting with his teacher trainings.  Nadine had taught Pilates for many years and eventually moved on to teaching yoga full time while developing her career in massage therapy. After extensively studying Astanga Yoga, she branched out into other styles, eventually finding her way to Iyengar Yoga. Nadine’s classes are influenced by the flow found in Astanga and the alignment detail of Iyengar, lighthearted with an educational focus to promote posture awareness, injury prevention and tools for healing from injury. As an active performer and dance teacher she brings this creative influence into her teaching style.  Nadine enjoys leading workshops for teachers either through a teacher training or as continuing education in hands-on assisting, use of props, yoga ethics and working with injuries.

Yoga Slow Flow (all levels welcome)
Tuesdays 9:30a-10:30a

Yoga Slow Flow is open to all levels.  Class offers both a creative flow practice and also takes the time for an in-depth study of ones personal biomechanics within the postures.  Props and gentle adjustments will help strengthen our awareness of how best to approach the yoga postures from where we are on a given day. This is a mindful and playful class environment!  Class will be recorded for Nadine’s online yoga program, so coming to class is an agreement to be video recorded as well.  You will also have access to these online classes to practice with them at home through the week. 

Cost: $5 (these classes will be recorded for Nadine’s online yoga program)

Contact: Nadine Lollino
📞 (312) 208-8409

Held at Taosatva -#2 Upper Colonias Road, El Prado NM

#2 Upper Colonias Road
El Prado, NM

📞 (575) 770-0472

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