Marjorie Malone

Dance when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance, when you’re perfectly free. ~Rumi

Malone has practiced BWL since 1989.  In New York she danced with Alvin Ailey’s American School, Baba Olatunji and Jean Leon Destine. She received a Master’s degree in Dance from UCLA and a post graduate fellowship in Dance & Movement Therapy with Irma Dosamantes-Beaudry, PhD Psychoanalyst, ADTA. In LA she led BWL for homeless women at The Sunshine Mission in South Central and performed with Simon Forti, Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Company, Bill T Jones and Renzokutai. Teaching experience includes UNM Taos, The Findhorn Foundation, Santa Fe Dance Foundation, The Esalen Institute, San Francisco State University, Holistic Health & Healing and the Kala Chhaya Cultural Centre in Pune, India.
Interested persons may contact Malone at The Centre at P.O. Box 2070; Taos, New Mexico 87571 or (575) 779-6936.

                       This class is being postpone for now and will resume on April 8, 2020



A Community Dance Lab         

WEDNESDAYS @ 530       

TAOSATVA   #2 Upper Colonias Road in El Prado

“Movement/Medicine supports the release of habitual patterns of movement and behavior while allowing the confused and shadowy sensations of something new to emerge.”  (Malone)  

Movement/Medicine is offered AT-NO-COST and is open to anyone  with a demanding attitude toward a thorough reexamination of the body and movement. The practice begins with a gentle warm-up followed by MB (mind/body, muscle/bone) a rigorous training which is rhythmic and dynamic. We conclude with explorations designed to sharpen focus and develop the scope of expression through the body, encompassing sensitivity training, discovery and choreographic development.  For those interested, bodywork in pairs, exchanging active and passive roles, follows.  Movement Medicine is led by Marjorie Malone and company.

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This community dance lab made possible by THE CENTRE for Performance Art & Culture Medicine, a 501 (c) (3) providing clinical services, group process and culture-based approaches to healing community.  

Past Participant Quotations:

“The sessions aided in an on-going process of transforming the structure of my body.  The insight gained became a tool for healing personally and I try to bring this insight to my work as a physician and educator.”   

“This was an enormously delicious experience the very first night of being brushed clear, completely empty of thought. It’s very balancing.” 

“I think there’s something about that attunement between tension and ease, the complementary nature of the two is part of it.  and it is dark. It is not written on.  It is like an owl in the daytime moving past you. It’s very complete.”  

“The boundaries of my body become a little less and a little bit more a part of the space around me and not in control. I guess it requires a kind of trust that has been really absent in most of my life…It invokes what I call a ‘quieting response’ or sudden slowing and centering. It is linked to the heart.” 

“It is an element of a path of compassion, community and active peace. It gave me tools to use in the psychological realm, using the body to learn where I am psychologically and where I have blocked places, where I have anger and how I hold anger, and how to move anger or fear or joy or happiness. I felt the extent of these emotions much further and with more openness, more detailed and vibrant in my body.  It was very enriching.”

 “I discovered that my movements held a statement of the problem currently active in my life, a description of how I habitually acted, and a solution. This is similar to some NLP techniques, only it is nonverbal and direct from psyche, without any cognition in the middle, and as such was very satisfying.”  

“Now when I am driving, I notice how the cars are passing or how everything is fitting together in a beautiful, artistic way. So I think if anything, it has caused me to look deeper at the most minute things, like the way the tissue is standing up now. It has given me a new perspective. I look at things differently and see how beautiful things are, just the way they are, just for what they are. That has been very powerful.”

Please contact us for more information and to refer folks you feel might benefit from the practice.

To Register Please Call/Text to  📞 (575) 779-6936

#2 Upper Colonias Road
El Prado, NM

📞 (575) 770-0472

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